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Claims Property

Home, Condo & Apartment Insurance Claims

Where Do I Start?

Something has happened to your home, and you don't know where to start...or what to do next. Hopefully, no one was hurt. Since every claim is different, contact us once you can about what happened. Your Allstate claims team member can give you a full list of what information is needed for the type of claim you are filing.

You can also file your claim online. Simply provide information about your accident or loss to help initiate your claims process.

Will My Claim Be Covered?

We can't answer this question without knowing some key facts. What coverages and limits did you purchase? What caused the damage or loss, and what property was damaged?

Each loss is considered based on the unique facts of that loss. If you're registered with our Customer Care Center, you can familiarize yourself with your coverages by viewing your policy online. Otherwise, simply call your Allstate agent or us at 1.800.ALLSTATE (1.800.255.7828).

For personal property that may have been damaged, once you review what you purchased (when, for how much, etc.), you can read through coverage explanations online, talk with your Allstate agent, or with your claim representative for more information.

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